Disposal Service


What Included in Disposal Service Package

  • Lorry of your choice – 1 tonne (10 ft) / 3 tonne (14 ft) / 5 tonne (17ft)
  • Trained & Skilled Approved Crew (2 Man Power-1 Tonne Package)(3 Man Power-3 & 5 Tonne Package)
  • Our Trained Crew to help you dispose comfortably (min 3 Man Power)
  • Clear your unwanted items and dispose at the licensed disposal facility

No Fret – Chill ! We will handle all the unwanted things for you

Let’s Go Green – We will make sure your wastes are disposed properly – Get your booking confirmed within minutes



How it Works

  • Submit your request
    Our Customer Service Representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • Pay via Online Banking or directly to the vendor upon completion of the service.

Things to Take Note

  • Only dry goods such as furniture and electrical items will be disposed.
  • Disposal of wet goods, household waste, industrial waste, construction & demolition debris, hazardous waste and large volume environmental soil cleanups may be rejected.
  • Additional cost may be incurred if more items / services are needed on the day of disposal.
  • Loading Bay Charges is Applicable in the Event the Distance is more than 15 m from / to the loading life or to the unit.
  • Our disposal package does not cover NOLIFT Charges [MYR 20 / Floor for 1 Tonne Package][MYR 50 / Floor for 3 Tonne & 5 Tonne Package]
  • Building Management Approval Letter to be obtained prior to the Moving Day.
  • Movers have rights to charge 30% of the booking amount as cancellation fee for cancellation lesser than 24 hours.


Disposal Service PackageBASE PRICE (0KM – 10KM)
1 Tonne with 2 Man Power250
3 Tonne with 3 Man Power450
5 Tonne with 3 Man Power550



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