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Moving	House ?

Moving House ?

You’re planning for a house moving, and how far away you’re moving will likely determine how a moving company charges you. Make sure you understand the terminology and the implications of each type of move before you get started. The Movers Online has compiled some information that may help in determining what kind of moving company you need.


Residential Moving Services

Local Moving

Local moves are considered house moving that are a short distance within the
same state. Example (within Klang Valley)The mileage, size or scale of
the move is not a factor in determining if a move is local or not; whether
your shipment crosses a state line is what will differentiate a local or
intrastate move from a long distance move.

Intrastate Moving

Intrastate moves may typically be longer distance [Above 60KM] moves
that occur within the same state. These moves might not be considered
local even though they are within the same state. Example : From :
[Rawang , Sungai Buloh or Kuala Selangor To : Semenyih , Banting or
Teluk Panglima Garang]

Interstate Moving

Interstate moves are different than local or intrastate moves because
they involve moving goods across state lines. Interstate moves may also
be referred to as long distance, cross country or state-to-state moves
within Penisular Malaysia . For Example : From : Penang , Kedah Perak
To : Melaka , KL , Seremban or Johor

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