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Dos and Don’ts during your House Relocation | Moving House

Dos and Don’ts during your House Relocation | Moving House

Specialists for Special Items

If you have any items that need extra care when handling, such as antiques, pianos or valuable artwork, then your moving company will be trained to help during your house relocation.

Professional movers have the experience needed to transport these
items safely.

Don’t Overload Boxes

One of the most common mistakes when packing is overloading boxes. If you reach a point where the box is half-full and starting to get heavy, then top it off with pillows or towels.

Get Creative with Packing

If you are using a packing service from the moving company for your house relocation, they will supply the boxes and materials. If you’re doing the packing yourself, get creative. Use laundry baskets, suitcases and large hold all bags to make the most of space.

Don’t Leave Empty spaces

Use packing paper, small items or towels to fill empty gaps in boxes. You
could even use kitchen paper, tea towels or old rags. The idea is to keep
your items securely in place during the relocation .

Pack Room by Room

A logical way to pack is doing room by room. Start with the rooms you
use the least such as the garage, store room and guest bedroom. Pack items that are out of season first and keep out items you’ll use up until moving day.

Don’t Forget About Non – Allowable Items

It’s important to know what your moving company will class as nonallowable items. Hazardous items like propane cylinders, paints, paint thinners and fireworks will not be allowed on the the lorry .

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